Ride Together



Photo of a bicycle

1. What is the problem?
The roads in the city of Syracuse are too unsafe for bikers.
2. Why is this an issue?
Unsafe conditions put bikers’ lives at risk. It also discourages other potential bikers from using bikes as their transportation of choice. This is also a problem because biking can provide solutions to many health and environmental issues.
3. What level does this problem exist?
This organization concentrates on the local level of this issue.
4. What proposed policy could help fix this problem?
Provide lights free-of-charge to bikers through local shops and local organizations.
5. Why would this policy work better than the status quo?
While bikers are required by law to drive at night with lights, it is not legally enforced. This makes bikers more vulnerable to accidents, especially with motor vehicles. Most Syracuse drivers are not used to many bikers and therefore are not as sensitive to biker presence on the road. Bike lights would make the roads safer for both drivers and riders.